About us

Avalon Crest is the fulfillment of a dream that began more than 25 years ago when we were introduced to the Arabian breed during a vacation in Florida. The beauty and temperament of these wonderful horses captured our hearts and we began visiting Arabian farms to learn more about them. We were struck by the hospitality of the owners, who welcomed our interest, even though we were “just looking.”

In 1999, we finally took our big step, and purchased a two-year old filly, Merri Porcelynn, from Martha & Bill Bell of Merri Hill Arabians in Minnesota. She rewarded us with a Scottsdale Top Ten win at her first big show, with Jerry Schall on the lead, and has opened up a whole new world filled with wonderful friends and unforgettable experiences.

With such mentors and friends as the Bells, Schmids, Houghs and Schalls to guide and advise us, we have acquired a mare band that has formed the foundation of a breeding program which has provided us with foals that have been competitive both in amateur and open competitions. Most prominently, one of our Padrons Pysche daughters, TF Psynergy, has produced two auction class winners – Adamo, who won the Minnesota Breeders Fall Fest Auction in 2007 and Psylver AC, who won the Scottsdale Signature Auction in 2008.

After years of searching for the perfect place to build our own farm, we finally discovered our “little bit of heaven” in the beautiful Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. Peaceful and serene, the site of these beautiful Arabian mares with foals at their sides is a dream come true for the Steffens family. All our children and grandchildren share in the enjoyment that owning Arabians has brought to us.

Now it has become our pleasure to say to all our friends and anyone else interested in Arabian horses, even if you are “just looking”…….